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Shield Me

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SHIELD ME (Single):


Release your tears, I’m a soldier sent to shield you
I watch over you more than you will ever know
Now purge all your fear- your own weapons fight against you
Let me be your guide

So broken and afraid… How will I spread my wings again?

Silence and bind the whispers to all fade and die
If I fight the wars for you they will never end
Ignore all the lies, all the warfare from inside- quiet your mind

Shield me inside so I can breathe new life
A ‘stargazer’ in my own mind
Shield me with an early, warm falling rain

Walk through the door I open for you- I’ll light the way

Now here on your wall tall I stand
Cross over heart, tomorrow in my hand

For I will shroud you and suffer your pain
And heal your broken heart

Shield me inside onto a distant land
Rebuild my temple from a grain of sand
Shield me with a midnight falling rain

A new dawn is waiting for you… “Morning…. Rise!”

Shield me inside before I say goodbye
Guiding the way with a final sign
Shield me with another warm falling rain

Now the war is over for you- Go and light the way

All music and lyrics by Gordon Tittsworth
Copyright 2018 IOE Music



Drowning in water where no one ever hopes to sail
Visions growing darker every day
When we look at where we are
We're sinking fast between the ocean and the sand

Drowning in a metaphor the quicksand pulls you under
There we see a soul that never lived to cry… why?

Living everyday only to regret, but you were given a choice
Something you cannot forget
All for one, for nothing, you are not to blame
It never saw the world… there was never life to hate

Playing God today, giving life a second chance
Why do you pity what was never born to be?
Living in shame is not what he would wish to see
“’Tis better to give than to take away.”

Forgive yourself today, let’s embrace tomorrow hand in hand
No lives were ever taken, they're all crosses in the sand
Let the waves wash them away, here and all across the land
In your new Independence Day, pray for the crosses in the sand

Maybe ten, twenty, even thirty years
He'd be another dead man walking
Stepping off the ledge "never to be saved"
If God so forgiving, then he would understand
Sometimes a "choice" is better to be made


Meditating in the morning rain at the center of the storm
Safe and sound at the beginning of our new world
Surrounded by Earth, water and bright eternal light
Another chapter in this man-made paradise

A burning sun heals the wounds we bled for so long yesterday
Falling tears from above, cleansing the bright blue sky
Surrounded by tranquil waters leading from infinity
Savoring this moment so reborn in time

Meditating without pain...
Healing the wounds we've suffered for so long

Breathing celestial air I have drifted so far away from home
Fate has carried me away onto distant shores
I cannot foresee what the future will bring for me
Time will tell, for now God only knows

Meditating without pain...
Healing the wounds we've suffered for so long
And today... comes the rain
Sailing through oceans of lifelong memories

Holding on with no will to fight
Tomorrow is just a dream away
Praying for that guiding light (no will to fight)
Rising above and to lift them away
Human angels, reflections from beyond
Bringing new life to those long gone

Remember, you are never alone
I am here to carry you when you fall
For we have seen the errors in our ways
Rewarded with tomorrow and another day

Meditating without pain...
Healing the wounds we've carried so long
And again... comes the rain
Sailing through oceans of lifelong memories

Forever is just a dream away, but…
...the dream is still alive


The red sun is still burning
War paint is drying
Warm rain is falling from a cloudless sky
War dance under moonlight
Great Spirit, give us sight
Until the morning sun ignites

Dance with me and the rain will fall
Around the fire, we'll pray ‘til dawn
Heal your wounds and breathe new life
Now your war is over… inside

Moonlight is fading
Now dawn is breaking
Can you feel the scars through my words?
In a tribe where I never wanted to be
In a tribe where I never want to leave

Blood still flows from our scars

Twilight skies ablaze- turning dusk into dawn
Moonlight seas of haze- crying through song

I’m just a feather in the Great Spirit's hand
The poet- write your words through me
I’m still holding on by a thread so thin
All that remains is my one and only dream

Twilight skies ablaze- turning dusk into dawn
Moonlight seas of haze- prophecy through song
Twilight skies ablaze- rain dance under starlight
Moonlight seas of haze- life begins at daylight


It seems like forever since I last heard your voice
I'd dreamed of it so many times only to awaken
Now time has healed the pain, again I see you
As I did when I was young

And I prayed the silence would end

You have more life in you now
More than I'd ever seen before
Now the years have passed and the wounds have healed
But we never said we were sorry until today

Let time forget the sadness
Put the past behind, carry on with our lives
Let time forget our pride
It took years for me to say…
You are the one I always wanted to be, now I am

I see you as the one I always remembered
You were there
The tide carried us back home

I cry... just like you
I feel pain... just like you
I laugh... just like you
Why did I carry this weight for so long?

So many years of words unspoken
Today, all dreams are unbroken


She dreams of visions that come to be
She hears the voices of pending reality

Waiting for silence, the whispers so consuming
She awakens in tears, but the images remain
(Then) fade away, fade to gray, to return another day

Premonitions of our fate, so burned within her mind
To escape would change the course
Of our future and our past

She'll tear the stars from the sky and hold them in her hand
For the day when her sorrow will end
… Sorrow shall end

“Listen now, listen well, listen to what you fear…
“Listen now, listen well, listen to you cannot hear”

The sight is changing
If I could change what is to be…
Then why can’t I hold you next to me?
I don’t want to hear them anymore…
Please take them away… the “voices”

She'll tear the stars from the sky and hold them in her hand
But no one would understand...
… Sorrow shall end

But I will never see her, never see her again
I will never hold her, never know her again
Never see her, never feel her again
I will never touch her, never love her again


"Temples and ivory towers that once stood tall
Now lie in ruin
With shattered icons and broken dreams
Here they are... the servants"

On this day when all our heroes have fallen
Justice has become a fading memory
One day our stones will shatter your glass castle walls
When time and the elements have taken their toll

Frozen hearts, so enslaved
A dying wish only to be free
Blood of the life forsaken

Mutiny breeds as we awaken from this dream
But the usurpers are still playing God
Justice will soon end their reign over our world
Dreaming through the years our voices would be heard...

Tell me who will wear my crown of thorns today?
Will we ever be saved or…
Are we destined to drown in our own misery?
Don't let go, never let go
I'm not sorry for dying

Prayer brought another hero
With strength beyond our years
Putting faith in his name
Will end the tyranny today

Rebuilding the ruins

Fallen sand castles and broken clay soldiers
Lie before me on this warm spring day
Now tables are turned, and life is breeding justice
Retribution only a heartbeat away

What once were ruins are again towers standing tall
Rebirth for the ones who deserve
Time will heal all wounds
But only faith can rebuild our ruins
Rebuilding the ruins


You cry my wounds, I bleed your tears
Thorns in my soul, wearing your crown for years
You are my brightest night, I am your darkest day
We are tomorrow, bonded by blood today

I am the only one that you have seen, that you believe in
You are the only one- I let you see inside my dreams
We have nothing to grieve

You see me how I wanted you to see
And you’ve become what I intended you to be
We are so different yet one in the same
But I never wrote the rules to this game

You are the only one- I let you see what I can conceive...
In the end we stand alone and you still choose to believe
We have the only means to shine our light and rid the disease
In a dying world we are the holy trinity

If I would ever let go, would you still believe?

Now I am wearing the crown of thorns so invisible to me
I bleed the wounds from my hands and feet for you
Open every day of my life

My stigmata... wounds I've never bled, scars of humility that yearn
My stigmata... chasing the dragon, just to watch him burn
My stigmata... tears I've never shed, cries of serenity have won
My stigmata... trinity blood red, another hero unsung.

"Help me to remember... to find the place that I once knew
Renew my hope, mend my faith
I see myself in you as I see you so much in me
My wounds are so open, my soul filled with uncertainty

When will I bear my cross or is that something I haven't deserved?
Humility so subdued- my imperfections show through
It seems the day has come for you to carry me once again
Now one set of footprints now appear in the sand."

"I have carried you in times when you knew not what to do
I have watched you from the day when you first opened your eyes
I let you make mistakes, learn so you would grow
I will carry you once again, for your one last lesson learned

It will not be long before I see you again
It will not be long before you will carry another
Now return to the place you once knew
Today there are 2 sets of footprints in the sand
Welcome home again..."

MAN: "I’m so afraid… I can’t carry on.”
ANGEL: “I will be here to guide you until the end.”
MAN: "But why must I hold the weight of the world?”
ANGEL: “Soon you will know, so never give in.”
MAN: "My heart is with you.”
ANGEL: “And mine is with you.”
MAN: “All of my dreams and all that I’ve seen shall become what I am soon to be.”
ANGEL: “Hold onto me my child, and never let go.”
MAN: "We are one."
BOTH VOICES: "We are one in the same"


We shall not cease from exploration
And at the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
--T.S. Elliot

Back to a place and time when I was young
In a simple world so far away
All the memories coming back to me
Made me what I am

The land I knew for so very long
I had to leave but never let go
Time has passed again here I am
Where the story began

Life had taken this world away from me
Through wiser eyes I see
Home to my new native land
But so foreign to me

Where I roam, where I cry
Where I sleep, where I will lie
Where I dream, where I survive
Where I believe, where I'm alive

This land- my native land, once upon a dream
I saw your towers standing so tall
This land- my native land, ruined remains
Fallen before me, lying at my feet

Full circle, here I stand
Once a boy, now a man
I returned to a new native land
Now I can move on

This land- my native land, once upon a dream
I saw your towers standing so tall
This land- my native land, and today I know
My time has come to let go


Small, fragile hands wielding heavy stones
Trying to break the glass cages that surround them
With no one to comfort and no one to protect them
Their loneliness carries a heavy weight

Are we so tired that we refuse to run the course?
And are we so blind that we forget what is in our hearts?

Autumn brings dusk to life, the endless night
But there is still time to mend the wounds you bear
Why haven't I fought for you, my one and only regret
Time cries for you, my tears will never forget

Are we so cold that we ignore helpless life?
And are we so naive to think someone else will save them?

The days are gone when I believed that man…
Would keep the flame alive
A cold heart will never warm
The children for another night

A “man”, lifting the weight of the world
Never to see it all again
Shining our warm light
Onto a cold, desolate night

We cannot bring back what is gone
But we can save all that remains

How can you face the day
When you can live unseen at night
And hide behind your selfish pride
While the children of autumn cry

Today I shed my human skin
And spill my blood for the animals I live among
For the animal I have become
On this judgment day of my brothers, I am their keeper


Last night I had another dream
Again at the edge of eternity
Looking down below at our world
A new sight overwhelming me

If I could play God, then I would create a different world

You call me a hero but I'm only a man
And I still bleed the same as you, for you... who knew?
Sometimes when you see me smile, it's only a facade
Holding it in but crying so deep inside

I know I can never be what you think you see... but I try
If I could play God, I would create a world...

…Where tears become laughter
…Where sadness is no more
…Where peace conquers fear
…Where sounds of war are silenced
…Where feast will end famine
…Where love will fill the world
…Where summer skies are never gray
…Where autumn leaves will never fall
…Where we will live eternally

Here, on elevated ground we walk
Through valleys of the shadows of life
Where love will be all and love will end all

Through Utopian skies we pray
Over the cloudscape above the rain
We can watch the world from miles away


In this ethereal light we meet again
It must be forever
So welcoming but it is not my time
I must return

So many visions I see of tomorrow
What is lost is never gone
Questions we have, answers we'll find

I believe the end is never really the end
I believe this life is not the only one
I believe there is another world for me (I've been there before)
I have seen eternity

Somewhere far away angels are dreaming (waiting to see us again)
Somewhere far away angels are flying (on their way home)

I've learned all that I will know
Given all there is for me to give
I guided the way, I bore the truth
Given life back to what was gone
You gave me the world
Now the time has come for me to see you again
Now I now know where I am to go
Today God is playing God

This is goodbye but not farewell
For the end is never really "the end"
We will one day meet again
And fly together hand in hand
After the show when we take a bow
And walk away from this world,
Without a tear, regret or fight
We'll exit this grand stage we call "LIFE"

ANGEL: "I watched you from the day that you were born
Now it is time to see you again
From the first emerald rain
To the embrace of our spirits
Your message there is done
Your time at last has come."

Warming light surrounding me
The astral sun is blinding my eyes
Vertigo consuming me
My soul is beginning to lift away...

I hear my angels from Heaven calling me
Ready to take me away to their islands in the sky
I once feared this moment as a child
But eternal life is before me

Here I am standing tall...
Reaching for the clouds, staring at the sky
I have spread my wings ready to fly
With my very last breath of life I cry...


All music and lyrics by Gordon Tittsworth
Copyright 2011 IOE Music




I've waited so long to dry the tears from our eyes
Shut the world out and free our minds
We'll stay locked inside until the end
We closed the gate to the lion's den

And from nowhere, here you are
With me you'll travel so far

Now we are so lost inside our own maze
Of warmer nights and brighter days
(We run) in the garden of eternal life
Under the bright silver moonlight

I can hear your voice calling me when I'm so far away
Waiting for your touch to take away all the pain…

Now there are no more falling tears
I prayed this day would come
Now there are no more falling tears
You are the only one

When I am miles away I can still hear you whisper
I see your smile and feel your embrace
Now I know you are safe and warm
Thinking about tomorrow we dream today away

After so long here we are
And we have traveled so far

Now there are no more falling tears
Away from the world outside
Now there are no more falling tears
In our EDEN where we hide


The early morning sky is bringing me a new day’s light
Taking me away from yesterday
There's so much more that lies ahead for me
Now I see beyond where the water meets the warm sky

Dreaming awake… I'm staring at the sun

I used to believe Heaven were the clouds in the sky
… Islands for the angels to fly to
I used to dream and wonder if there could be a better place
Nothing can touch me there so far away…

Drifting away' beyond the horizon

Our angels are our heroes' some say heroes never die
They're surrounding me under my warm summer sky
Guide me and protect me spread my wings so I can fly'
Beyond the horizon

What were you hoping for?
What were you waiting for?
Did you think your dreams would just find you
And take you away?

Don't tear yourself apart over things out of your control
Time passes so fast you'll wonder where your life went
Too much wasted time holding on to yesterday

The sunlight of the spirit lies beyond the horizon


Now it's been a long road getting to where we are today
It's been a hard road, not as easy as one may say

Living through the winter
Dawn of a new day born from spring
The end of the sorrow and cold
Now life begins again

…Another day, to live another day

Now it's been a long time since I've seen a brighter day
It's been a hard time, with a new hope lighting the way

Now is this the real me...
The one I'd lost for so many years?
It is so hard to believe
I'm alive again, now I'm home...

(For) another day… to live another day… again

It's been a long, long road back home
Such a hard road back home

Is this the real me coming back again?
This is the real me, I'm home again… again

It's been a long, lonely road back home
Such a hard, dark road back home
Such a long time did I roam
This road back home

To live another day
To live another day
back home again


“To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour..”
- William Blake

Time stands still as I hear the autumn wind sing
One last passing glimpse in a pool of falling rain
A young bird trying to fly with broken wings
Catch your dream before it slips away…

No longer is this a dream, now I'm starting to believe
That I feel my soul floating on my angel's wings
No longer will I wonder, life's too short to wander
The coming of age always comes too soon
Catch your dream before it dies today…

Heaven sent a miracle, your destiny lies in your hand
Don't let it slip away
Heaven sent the world to you, passion lies within your soul
Don't throw it all away
Heaven sent love to you, open your heart, don't pass it by
It could be the last time
Heaven sent life for you, but you can't seem to find
Your peace of mind. You live in…

A Dream... From the day you were born
Your whole life you were scared to face the storm
A Dream... You refuse to believe
You'll never be in Heaven without going through Hell

I drift away out to sea, to dream and wonder what will be
I am a mariner of my own imagination
The horizon is my destination
Since I found a new way when I awoke one day
A seed of hope was planted in my soil of disarray

Tomorrow lies another side of life
Catch your dream before it dies tonight


Love surrounds us, passion embraces us from all directions
Sharing our treasure in this harem of pleasure
Adrenaline rising, hearts are pounding

In a world filled with so much more than I can believe
Now I can feel you so much closer to me

Passionate visions turn my water into wine
Smoke blends with perfume in the air
The smell of sweat and the warm color of flesh
Fills the night again and again

All so intoxicating- this ethereal paradise
With hungers of love and lust
In your mouth tasting many different fruits
Nothing is sacred, nothing is taboo

Once were two, many more so soon
We’re just cherubs shooting arrows at the moon
I taste your fruit and you drink my wine
This way of life is so divine

(This is) our endless night...
filled with satin and white lace
Our endless delight...
This menagerie we consummate

I know you won't pretend this fantasy will ever end...

(This is) our endless night...
The dogma we so disbelieve
Our endless delight...
In our midsummer night's dream

Now I know you won’t pretend this fantasy will ever end
Remember… Shakespeare is dead
You'll never see the fall again

Now I know you can't pretend this fantasy will ever end
Remember… Shakespeare is dead
And autumn will never come again


What is this? You've read my mind
How could you know what I was thinking?
Heart beating fast, Now we're going in
I know what tonight is going to bring

Show it all off… show it off for me
Show it all off… beyond what the eye can see

I hardly believe what I'm really seeing
Now all are watching, but it's only for me
This exhibition brings submission
Visions of you, Visions of two

I know what they know
our worlds surrounding you
I have what they want
they all want you now

Come play our game, take our hand

This brings us closer to forever
Hypnotically enhanced, Erotic, in trance
This taste of blood you gave me today
One I'm dream for again and relive another day

Now I'm home

I love watching you (x4)

Here she comes, you know what I want
So stimulating, our worlds embracing
Another beautiful scene, it's so serene
Three wishes coming true for me
Come play our game, take our hand

EMERALD RAIN (Sunlight of the Spirit Part I)

I remember what once was and what cannot be again
It's so hard daydreaming, knowing you can't go back
Trying and trying, reaching to relive our yesterdays
But now they only live within our minds

Memories of long ago never seem to wash away
Alone I feel the falling rain, dreaming of what used to be
So much older now but with so much yet to come
Still I find myself remembering...

Emerald Rain… Hear my nostalgic serenade

Life brings us change, Nothing remains the same
Tomorrow brings a new while the past fades away
I still can't help holding on to what was lost
Only hoping that one day I'll be whole again

Emerald Rain
Hear my nostalgic serenade
Emerald Rain
Singing the swan song of yesterday

Our world is drifting so much farther away
As we mourn the loss of our yesterdays
Now in this only nostalgia remains
With the return of the morning rain

All that I want, All that I had
…And all that I gave but would never take
All that I fought, All that I cried
…And all that I kept deep down inside
All that I love, All that I hate
…And all of the things I did create
All that I was, All that I am
…Is it all that I will be until the end?

I REMEMBER WHEN... (Sunlight of the Spirit Part II)

I remember when...
I had no worries and life was care free
I remember when...
Summer lasted forever (no more)
I remember when...
You were there for me
But now you're long gone
I remember when...
I last saw your face
But nothing lasts forever

Now I'm serene and I've found peace
I am whole now and ready to start again

I remember when...
You cried for me
And protected my heart
I remember when...
Life was easy
How did things fall apart?
I remember when...
Nothing mattered
Now everything's changing
I remember when...
I was near the end
But the end is so far away

Memories no one can ever take away
Even though time has changed the world around me
Memories no one can ever take away
They're not gone
No, They're not gone

Memories no one can ever take away
Even though time has taken you from me
Memories I'll keep forever so you will live on
You're not gone
No, You'll always live on

THROUGH OCTOBER SKIES (Sunlight of the Spirit Part III)

In this new day now I'm awake for the first time
For the first day of the rest of my life

So strong and able to move on to live again today
To live another way, now with a clear mind

Yesterday was the last time before the pain had died
But today I'm alive, with the past far behind…

Through October skies, my autumn's sunrise
It's the first sight of a new light
Through this survivor's eyes, ethereal moonlight
The first night of the rest of our lives

Another firey world of yellow and red
How could I have seen it again- my beginning and my end
Autumn I praise your painted sky that I adore
Celestial winds, filling my soul once more

In this new life the darkness has turned to light
The fear has died but the strong has survived
After so much time now I can to move on…
To live again today, another way, with the end so far away

Then one day you came to me, fate waited so many years
It knew that we were ready now
The search is over now that I found your spirit
This is our destiny, the rest will be history

ETHEREAL (Instrumental)


Moonlight on the water, the sound of the ocean
Sitting by myself, I'm reflecting in the sand
Remembering the younger days…
I've gone back to where it all began

Everything is drifting away
Throughout midnight's tide

There I first walked through EDEN
And saw the painted October sky for the first time
I knew it was where I wanted to be
I knew it was where I wanted to stay

I will never forget what was born by a dream
I will never let go of what was given to me
I will never forget when I opened my eyes
To see what I was destined to be

Yesterday I returned to EDEN
I saw myself as a child outside at play
With a look of content- not a care in the world
So unprepared for the darkness that would fall down upon him

I can’t change the past, So why even try?
The future is drifting through midnight's tide

As a child he was scared of tomorrow
Wasting many yesterdays being afraid
The spark of life never fueled the flame
Before long, the fire had faded away

I can't change the past… So why even try?

Here I am in EDEN today under the October sky again
Seeing myself face to face at last
Making my peace after so many years have passed

He knew who I was but he was so scared
And so afraid of what I may say
I remember his sadness and feeling his fear (again)
With every question, he shed so many more tears


All music and lyrics by Gordon Tittsworth except:
ASCENSION, music by Dennis Mullin
EMERALD RAIN, music by Dennis Mullin & Gordon Tittsworth
Copyright 2006 IOE Music



This morning dawns after a long rain
Trees still drip drops of water on warm ground
Green leaves of an April spring are blooming
Clouds fade away, into a void... no more gray

Dove's singing at my window sill as I wonder and think
The cold wind calms the bright sunlight
It's 12 o'clock, high noon, I'm sitting in my room
Feeling serene, daydreaming in my bliss
... On this bright afternoon

What will I do today?
There's no more disarray
I'm finally at peace now that I've won

What will I do today?
There's no more disarray
Through the eyes of God I've set the sun

Now I'm home again
And I know I'll never be along again...No

Live for today and every day
But be careful, you might be the one
Addicted to fate, not knowing at all
Ignorance can put you under the gun


Another day is over, another night has just begun
So lonely and cold but your heart always warms my soul
I'm here all alone wondering where you are
...I'm in the dark

Another morning, a new day to dream
Wth you in my heart, a feeling so serene
I try but just can't find the right words to say how I feel
And I'm wondering where you are
... Again today

Tell me who you dream of when you sleep
Tell me who you cry for when you weep
Tell me all your lifelong hopes and dreams
Tell me, show me how love can be true

Rainy mornings bring me peace
They wash away all my bad dreams
With you I can find all the love I've left behind
It's the pursuit of my reason to live
My heart sees I cannot lie

Together again, I pray this will never end
The angel next to me, so beautiful and fast asleep
One last kiss goodnight, I wait for the morning light
I want to share my life with you
I'm tied to a wish come true


Awake as I enter into a dream
The sunrise of a deep warm midnight
In bliss I'll rise into the Dawn
And penetrate the dusk of light

This is what brings me to life
This is my return to twilight

I'm the one who will set the sun
And fill your midnight with delight
Longing, yearning, you lie before me
Living out your fantasy

This is what keeps me alive
Now I return to twilight

Surrounded by images of Eden
Dreaming at the edge of Heaven
Make this last forever
Now I've found bliss, don't ever let it end

You are the only one for me, I know you can see
You're a dream come true, I cry for you
I took my chances and gave my heart
Now I pray we'll never be apart

Don't take away my bliss


I'm not alone anymore... remember
I'm not afraid anymore... remember
But I am still the same this September
And the dream still remains... September

Sometimes we find that our bad times seem to happen for a reason
At the time, why, we might not know
But later we learn that they helped us grow

Each day brings a new adventure
Try to forget the burdens in your life
Just remember the glory and the pleasure
Then you have discovered life's treasure

You gave me rebirth under your sign
By the grace of God you brought me back to life
You gave me the world I only hoped for
I've waited so many years to feel alive again

You are my fantasy... remember
You're my life without grief... remember
You're my soul complete... remember
I'll love you eternally... I'll always remember

The next day is dawning


Why is it that all I do only benefits someone else in the end?
Am I a martyr or cursed with good intentions?
Some may need to help me through this crying secrecy
But a state depndency is what the truth might be

Brave Horse... There's love around you, just look, you'll see
Brave Horse... Always seeing you in their every dream
Brave Horse... All will want you, they're in ecstasy
Brave Horse... All have found you, no more fantasy

Please another and curse the other
Fulfill yourself but accuse one another
For their so-called "wrongful convictions"
But a contribution to you "stealth" addiction

Living in your callous world
No one cared when I cried
For everyone who lied, judged me or criticized...
Now it's my time to shine

Now I'm alive
Now I'm alive
Now it's my time to shine
Now I'm alive


It's getting late, are you still awake?
Lay your head down, rest your soul soon I'll be home
Listen to me, don't be afraid
That all will fall apart and I won't be there for you

You made no mistake with me, I know it's true
Words can only say so much so let me prove it to you

Have no fear, I'll be here to save you from the dark
And protect you while you sleep
Stay close to me and you'll see me
Wash away your bad dreams and all that you fear

I'm going to make you mine... forever
I want to watch you shine
And save you from the pain of the world
Cleanse you with my morning light

I want to watch you shine
Let go of your past, believe in me
Together we'll drift away in our dreams

A full life to live with so much to give
Take the good with the bad, a long road lies ahead
If I should die before you don't cry
When you close your eyes and fall asleep
I'll see you in your dreams

DAWN (Another Sunrise)

I pray and hope that we'll see the sun
Who do you seek to lie beside you?
Smoke circulates your reason
I wish for the morning to blanket me and cover you
A meer wish can no longer keep me from praying
A meer wish can no longer keep me here

Yesterday and days before
Faces I don't see anymore
I can't stop the way we change
But I'm not sorry... anymore

Has her heart been broken?
She needs the shelter of her shroud
A pulse, the cradle and the salt to trickle down
The moon to guide her within the hall
The morning to awaken her
I'm not her miracle anymore

What would you do if you only lived in the dark
With no one to kiss you and tell you goodnight?
When will I realize that I can't relive yesterday?
When will I remember... memories last forever?

I'm not sorry
The sun will rise again


Early sunrise... Genesis
It's what we call morning... A new beginning
Forever in sight... The horizon
Here, I'm the only one... Under the sun

Blue sky, white clouds, cold water at my feet
Waves breaking, seagulls singing
Wind on the water, to the heavens I'm reaching
For the sight of forever, please give it to me

Sunlight on the ocean seems to be
A reflection of what we see in our dreams
It's a sight of forever... a fantasy
But a feeling to me... serenity

A beginning with no end at the edge of the ocean
A renaissance we see at the edge of the sea

We can't see beyond the horizon but we can...
Just keep dreaming
Just keep reaching
Just keep dreaming
Just keep believing




I've grown so tired from listening to the world
Tell who I should be, how I should live and what I should feel
I'm sick of all judgmental politics and hypocrites
Saying, "Do what I teach you. Believe what I preach to you."

No, stay out of my world

In your world there is no truth, we're force fed your lies
You wonder why your children murder and commit suicide
Take a look into young troubled eyes, lend your heart, don't build a wall
Did you ever stop to think, maybe you're the problem after all

Only in my world... Eden filled with serenity
Only in my world... If I open the door and you will see

You can't take this away from me
I can dream and make believe
I know it's not reality
But it helps, coping, living in your world

All the words I hear are lies... promises broken
Give me your trust, put faith in me, rely on me... I'll give you the world
In my world of self expression, I'm the sole creator
Have no faith for he or she who gives can also take away

For all your worthless lies
For all your moral demise
You don't know how I feel inside
Stay out of my world, leave me alone

For all your plastic faith
For all your symbols of hate
For you and your world it's too late
I have my own God, go sin for your own
... And stay out of my world

Who have you really saved with your lies?
How can you really be saved... Gemini?
I'm not your savior anymore
There's no more world when there are no more words


Questions and confusion fill my mind, the dilemma always remains
How could I go on if I made this great mistake
I could never live with it but I could never get rid of it
There's only one solution... go under the knife, no more confusion

Alter my life, alter my fate
Never too soon, not a minute too late

I could never bear to see the pain of a life that I created
Go unwanted, falling down in this cynical world of hate
I took the necessary extreme and altered my fate
I know I'm only a mortal man but playing God just the same

Don't rip me off my cross
My faith will not be lost

You came to me, you took my hand
Gave your love to me, may the past be damned
You swear to me I'm the only one
My love is divine... now we set the sun

My wounds have been mended, my soul is finally at peace
Now that my scars have healed, I've waited so long to release
I'm free to live, free to love without regret, worry or fear
There's no more confusion, now everything is clear

Where were you when I was falling down?
It doesn't matter anymore
Where were you when I was falling down?
It doesn't matter...

...Now I've set the sun

AUTUMN'S END (The Last Sunset)

Another short summer has faded again
The longer nights now await
The years drift away into a distant shade of gray
Through cold winds of a new frost and morning dew

Obscure memories of a year passing by
Ending at midnight, celestial starlight
Fast asleep we lie, but not for very long
For winter is near, soon arriving at dawn

Another truth is silent kept away in secrecy
Another world divided, who will protect and shelter me?
Show me my life and the warm feeling again
The one of a kind I remember as I watch the last sunset

I gaze at your falling leaves painted vividly clear
The days grow colder, in December I'll surrender
To your cold fall breeze, bringing nostalgic peace
casting no shadows, the raven sings me to sleep

Dusk is approaching, twilight is so near
Now I'm reflecting on another long year
Now the sun is setting, what will Autumn's end bring...
Another winter of pain to crush my heart once again?

As I close my eyes one last time for this final transition
I'll know that I've lived my life with no regrets, nothing left undone
It's time for me to say goodbye
Now it's time to watch... the last sunset

Can you remember a time when you were young?
Can you remember the one and only one?
Can you remember a time without worry?
Can you remember when you still believed?

All music and lyrics by Gordon Tittsworth
Except for DAWN (Another Sunrise), lyrics by Kristin Wolverton and Gordon Tittsworth
Copyright 2001 Images of Eden