November 27, 2017

"Artists In Action" Article

Here is a great article on Images of Eden in Artists In Action by Stephanie Sheffield.

November 26, 2017

Video Production/ "Soulrise" Update

Images of Eden just completed filming the video for the upcoming single, "Shield Me" to be released in early 2018 while the band shops labels to officially release "Soulrise". At this time, the band also did a professional photo shoot and filmed interview (for later promotion). Also, Bill Metoyer is putting the final touches on the final mixes for "Soulrise". We will keep you posted.

October 26, 2017

Images of Eden CD #5

While Bill Metoyer has been wrapping up the mixing/ mastering of "Soulrise", all of the material for the follow up CD (tentatively titled, "Angel Born") has been completed and Gordon has already began tracking rhythm guitar. The band will be working on recording all instruments/ vocals for "Angel Born" in Q1/Q2 of 2018 so that it will be ready to go when the time comes.

June, 2017

New Material (for the 5th Images of Eden CD)

Writing has already begun on the 5th Images of Eden CD (follow up to "Soulrise"). The goal is to complete the writing of the follow up CD so that we are ready to "pull the trigger" in a timely manner after the release of Soulrise. There will no longer be any extensive delays in between Images of Eden releases as there had been in the past. The main reasons for any/all delays were due to a) the reforming of the Images of Eden lineup, and b) Gordon had taken time out to record a few side project releases (Born of Fire- "Dead Winter Sun", etc). From here on, there will be no more side projects and 100% of all focus will be on Images of Eden.

April, 2017

Legendary producer, Bill Metoyer, to mix Soulrise

Images of Eden is extremely pleased to have teamed up with legendary producer, Bill Metoyer (Skull Seven Studios) to mix and master "Soulrise". Bill is a 30 year veteran producer and worked for Metal Blade records for many years. He has worked with many well-known bands (Slayer, Fates Warning, WASP, Flotsam And Jetsam, etc). We are thrilled to have him on board!!

September 2,2016

IMAGES OF EDEN is wraping up demos for SOULRISE

It has been a long time coming. After some member changes this past summer, everything started moving forward again with great momentum. I can honestly say that this is the absolute best Images of Eden lineup to date. All members finally share the same vision, direction and level of motivation/ dedication. So, the demos for Soulrise are tracked and now currently being mixed to be submitted for release. We will keep you posted.

August 3, 2016


We are very pleased to announce the newest full-time additions to Images of Eden:

STEVE DORSSOM on Drums- Steve never received a formal announcement but has actually been with Images of Eden for approx. 2 years. Steve has been in multiple bands in the Phoenix, AZ area and brings 30+ years of live, studio & management experience to the table. Steve is also a music video producer and director and has many music videos as well as a documentary that has received accolades and film festival invitations worldwide.

CARLOS URQUIDI PEREZ on Lead Guitar- Carlos has a diploma in Jazz Improvisation from Berklee College of Music and is also one of the founders/ guitar instructors at Blue Note Guitar Academy in Chihuahua, Mexico. He is a long-time veteran of the music scene with over 20+ years experience (live and studio) as well as a solo virtuoso CD called “A New Perspective”. His style ranges anywhere from jazz to metal with everything sounding very natural and effortless.

ERIC MULVAINE on Bass Guitar- Eric also has 30+ years experience (live and studio) and has been heavily influenced from the beginning by nearly every genre of music from Metal to Jazz. Eric and Steve go way back to the beginning of each others careers in music and it only seems fitting that they reunite once again under a new banner in Images of Eden.

Now that the full-time lineup is finally complete, we have already commenced the recording of Soulrise. All tracking should be complete by 4th quarter 2016. However, our official 4 song demo is almost complete and ready to send out for label solicitation. Stay tuned for more info.

July 25, 2016


After 15 years, 2 CD releases (Sunlight of the Spirit & Rebuilding The Ruins) and many live shows, Dennis Mullin is leaving Images of Eden. I can honestly say that he has been the most amazing band member I could ever have asked for and one of the most phenomenal/ versatile guitarists I have ever worked with. It has been an absolute honor and privilege to have worked with him for all of these years. Not to mention, one of the most laid back and funniest guys I have ever worked with.

Dennis, we wish you the absolute best in everything you do and know you will always be a part of the Images of Eden family. You have made a big mark on IOE and you will always be our brother-in-guitar-arms!

Thanks for an amazing 15 years!!!

With massive respect!!! Gordon