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IOE Fans!! We started something new in 2023! Got a question for IOE or a specific band member? Email your question to promo@imagesofeden.com and we will answer you back on a short video, giving you a shout out!

2/7/2024- “I would like to know more about Jeffrey Wilson's background- experience, musical gear, etc."
12/7/2023- “How do you approach the darker imagery of some of your peers (Maiden's Number of the Beast, AC/DC's Hells Bells, etc.)”
12/2/2023- “Where you get your inspiration from with songs and how do you write them? Music first, lyrics first or do you have no set way?”
11/16/2023- “Gordon, What is your method for remembering lyrics in preparation for live performances?”
8/31/2023- “Any IOE songs with piano/ keyboards that Dean is particularly proud of? Also, his thoughts on the idea some people have about keyboards not being "Metal"?”
8/24/2023- “How do you personally rank all 6 Images of Eden albums and what is your favorite IOE song or songs?”
8/16/2023- "What is your extent of musical training? How did you get started in music? Did you take lessons?"
8/10/2023- Gordon's Testimonial (Near-Death, Divine Intervention & IOE)
8/3/2023- “Will 'Chapter I' ever have an official release?"
7/6/2023- "How on Earth did you all meet!???" (being separated geographically)
6/29/2023- “What is IOE's take on "Metal Horns" being a band of belivers?"
6/22/2023- ”You guys record the most interestng vocal harmonies. What is the inspiration?"
6/12/2023- Steve Dorssom answers muliple fan questions.