Images of Eden is a fearless concept band that brings together familiar, well-loved elements of metal and rock combined with their own unique vision, message and delivery. The result is a distinct musical hybrid that speaks directly to the struggles and tribulations of the listener.

Musically, Images of Eden draws its inspiration from a hybrid of modern hard rock combined with classic metal, creating a modern sound rife with progressive elements and impassioned, unfeigned vocal delivery.

Each release from Images of Eden is a chapter in the tale of a life's journey, dealing specifically with the trials and darkness that each of us must face in this world, each track is meant to inspire the listener to overcome these obstacles through human perseverance strengthened by guidance from above. The distinct vision that gives Images of Eden its identity is about drawing strength and determination from faith to see us through our toughest times, but what makes IoE stand out as one of a kind is that its message is simultaneously accessible to everyone while still speaking to the listener on a very personal level.

Images of Eden first sparked into existence in 1998 as an ambitious concept in the mind of founder and vocalist Gordon Tittsworth. Staring down a fateful crossroads in life, Gordon found himself headed in an unusual direction and envisioned a band completely unique in scope and sound. Knowing that in order to bring this new vision to life the core concept would have to remain undiluted and that he'd have to be uncompromising in his goals, Gordon parted ways with his previous band. Stepping into the studio in September 1999 with only a session drummer, Gordon recorded Images of Eden's debut album (to later be known as Chapter I) with the goal of producing a one of a kind proof-of-concept. Filling in the rest of the band's instrumentals himself, Images of Eden was now more than a mere vision: it had been given flesh and bone, and was already evolving into something more.

Images of Eden's vision being as distinct as it is made it easy for Gordon to hand pick like-minded artists to ensure that the band would always move in right direction. The proto-lineup of musicians in IoE's early days cemented the band's spot as a remarkable force on the local scene, and before long Images of Eden had shot up the local food chain. Through winning a battle of the bands competition and several performances later, Images of Eden was rapidly gaining notoriety and now had teeth. Gordon took hold of the band's momentum and was already at work on IoE's next release: Sunlight of the Spirit.

Released through Nightmare Records, Sunlight of the Spirit was Images of Eden's first taste of international notoriety. IoE was now seeing airplay across the globe, with Sunlight of the Spirit landing on the number 17 spot on domestic college radio charts. Images of Eden supported the album through a multitude of live performances during the era of Sunlight of the Spirit, until just before work on their third record began. As a concept IoE's goal would never change, but a person's goals may, and just before the work began on their next release the group's original lineup parted ways.

Gordon found himself essentially starting from scratch. He continued writing what would become the band's third release, appropriately titled Rebuilding the Ruins. Along the way IoE picked up a few new members, including Dean Harris, who would go on to be the band's permanent keyboardist. Dean is a classically-trained keyboard/ piano player with decades of live performance experience to his credit. By 2010 the group was back in the studio and recorded Rebuilding the Ruins, which would go on to be released through Nightmare Records the following year. The album built on Images of Eden's past success, and once again the band was seeing international airplay. Rebuilding the Ruins was received well by critics, and was compared to giants of the genre such as Fates Warning and Dream Theater, and in early 2016 the album's title track made it to the number 1 spot on N1M's hard rock/metal charts for the state of Pennsylvania, and made it to number 5 nationally. "Human Angels", also from Rebuilding the Ruins, jumped 90 spots and was ranked #1 in March of 2016.

In 2018, the band's 4th studio album “Soulrise” (produced by the legendary, Bill Metoyer) was released through Pavement Entertainment. The band supported national acts such as Geoff Tate, Stryper and The Iron Maidens among others, then subsequently went on a full coast-to-coast US tour with Metal Church and Doro Pesch (the voice of Warlock) in support of “Soulrise”. Images of Eden was now a force to be reckoned with.

In 2021, the band released their 5th studio album “Angel Born” (also mixed/ mastered by Bill Metoyer) also through Pavement Entertainment. After the release, the band topped out at #19 on US Metal charts and followed it up with 2 tours with Yngwie Malmsteen, a mini-TX tour in the summer of 2021 then a full US tour (25 dates) in the fall of 2021.

On September 16, 2022, IOE released its 6th studio effort, “Weathered And Torn” (a 5-song EP) along with the debut of their video single, “Count To Zero” just before their US tour with Michael Schenker and Eric Martin (the voice of Mr. Big). Please visit our TOUR DATE page for more details.